The Dell Latitude E6500 has a matte screen design, a matte keyboard, a matte surface, the only thing that really qualifies as a gloss is the Dell logo itself, it's good for usability because of the fingerprints and annoying screen glare that is kept so remain minimum. The Dell Latitude E6500 offers navigation options for the tragic trackpad and joystick addict, including the right-positioned mouse button for both, and the center button so that easy scrolling with the joystick.
Dell Latitude E6500 Bluetooth Driver Windows 7
Latitude E6500
Dell Latitude E6500 has a 15.4-inch matte screen is a high resolution of 1,920x1,200, a resolution that is usually provided for 24-inch standalone monitors. Even so, the text is sharp and easy to read, extra screen real estate is an advantage for those who work with CAD, 3D, design, or video. The E6500 is also equipped with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the surrounding light. In situations of high light the screen grows brighter, in low light, it grows darker. This is a practical addition that is likely to save extra battery time and can be turned off if you feel annoying.

Dell Latitude E6500 has a fingerprint scanner feature that is, of course, there is, like the smart card slot (SC); however, there are also contactless areas to shift your SC to the right of the trackpad, as well as three USB ports, eSATA / USB ports, FireWire ports, headphone and microphone ports, removable DVD + -RW, PCMCIA and Express Card slots, SD card readers, VGA and DisplayPort out, gigabit Ethernet and modem ports. [References: cnet]

Dell Latitude E6500 Bluetooth Driver Windows 7

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